Our system bank wire no buy sell exchange

Paypal to Paypal to US & UK local bank to pak pkr banks

Our exchage fee 20% fee now offer fee 15% on current USD price

PAYPAL to PAYPAL fee 10% paypal to US & UK To PAK banks fee 4% our 1% fee offer now

Thats why we take 15% to 20%

Instant Service 24/7

when pak banks open time .Need 1 hour to USD transfer to PKR.and closed pak bank time USD tranfer to PKR in 3 to 4 Hours

we know our fee high but every one know paypal not allow in pakistan.if our service paypal to paypal buy sell possible we give good price

But problem is shortage some time USD in buy sell.our client left our website. so we take paypal USD send wire banks and give cash our freelaners clients.also see our payments proofs.our service every time available.


Paypal to PKR Exchange rate 15% Include paypal charges No Hidden tax

whatsapp no 03152626399

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